Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ashton Kutcher Reveals His Real Name at Teen Choice Awards

Celebrities usually never reveal their real secrets and true information because they prefer it that way. However, Ashton Kutcher has decided to go the other way and decided to reveal his real name for the very first time at the Teen Choice Awards. While he received the Ultimate Choice award he decided to speak out his mind to the audience and said that his name is not Ashton at all, but Chris. For the first time he revealed that Ashton was his middle name and that he no longer can keep this secret from the audiences because he felt like he is a fraud.

While accepting his award for The Jobs movie that have already garnered him positive response, Ashton Kutcher, now Chris Kutcher said that he changed the name when he was 19 and that too only to make an acting career. However, he said that he also learned a lot of things while he was just Chris and not Ashton roaming around with the Hollywood people. While delivering his speech about himself he said that his fans should also look out for the right opportunities, be sexy because Chris believes sexy is smart and the third thing that he believes in is to build a life and not just live on.

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