Thursday, July 25, 2013

Judicial System Favors Kayne West

While Kayne West has always been in the news for his new songs and his whereabouts this time he was in the news for brawling with the photographer at the LAX airport that happened on Friday. Although, many believe that it was Kayne West that started the fight but Kayne West has managed to find a way out legally and the judicial system announced that he will not be charged with any crime in connection with the paparazzi attack that happened. Some of the insiders claim that Kayne West tried to steal the camera from the paparazzi but the DA has said that Kayne West will not be charged with felony attempted robbery.

It is believed that Kayne got into a brawl with a photographer named Dano upon his departure from LAX airport. The photographer later on pressed serious felony charges of attempted robbery instead of misdemeanor battery but the authorities have said that there is not enough evidence to call that incident as a felony. It is also believed that the Los Angeles district attorney is not interested in going after Kayne West. Some insiders believe that Kayne West must have paid his way out of the case legally with civil compromise to erase the charges from the rapper’s record.

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