Monday, July 1, 2013

Jim Kelly Dies of Cancer

Actor Jim Kelly might not be as popular as Bruce Lee but he created his own mark when he played the role of an American martial artist in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. The actor was suffering from cancer and reports provided by his ex-wife Marilyn Dishman said that the legendary actor died of cancer on Saturday at his home in San Diego. Jim Kelly was 67 years of age and although his Hollywood career was not that really long he managed to garner lot of fans around the world with his tall Afro-American personality.

Kelly also worked as martial arts instructor in Los Angeles before he made his entry into the movie world and he got his first break in the action movie called Melinda. In 1973, he stormed the big screen with Enter the Dragon that had Bruce Lee in it. Soon after that producers came calling for him and he did Black Belt Jones and Three The Hard Way but things never really rolled for him later. In 2010, in one of his interviews Jim Kelly said that he never really left the movie business but he never got the type of roles that he wanted to do.

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