Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heroin Overdose Killed Cory Monteith

While there were many speculations and doubts about the death of the 31 year old Canadian actor Cory Monteith the British Columbia coroner has made an official announcement that the actor died because of heroin overdose. The coroner announced that there was no evidence that suggest that his death had any foul play and that it was merely a tragic accident that killed the highly popular Glee actor. Some of the doctors in Canada claim that actors like Cory Monteith who have earlier used heavy drugs are vulnerable to such accidents mainly because of the overdose and in this case it was the potent mix of alcohol and heroin that led to the death of Cory Monteith.

Monteith already had a long history of drug abuse especially during his late teens. While it was the hotel authorities that raised the alarm when he failed to check out but police claim that the actor was dead for several hours before they actually found the body. The video recording and surveillance tapes show that he returned to his room early on Saturday morning and after that no one was in the room until they found the body. He also went into rehab this April and missed out shooting the final episodes of the fourth series.

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