Monday, July 8, 2013

Eva Longoria Admits Relationship with Ernesto Arguello

There was a lot of speculation in the media world on whether Eva Longoria has any relationship with Ernesto Arguello as the couple is normally seen around many times and there are pictures of her with him holidaying around. Now, Eva Longoria has gone on record to admit and claim that she is dating Ernesto Arguello and that he is her new boyfriend. Along with the statement, Eva has also decided to share the picture of her along with Ernesto partying with other friends as well. Eva met Ernesto last year when he was a participant in her TV reality show but unfortunately the show was cancelled but the couple started dating shortly after that.

In the picture, Eva is with Ernesto and the The Desperate Housewives star looks great enjoying some party time with a group of friends. Eva also said that she had a great time with Ernesto and with her friends and old gang in Austin. Although, Eva has not commented anything on the wedding plans yet but it looks like the actress definitely has that on her mind in the near future. The 38 year old actress said earlier that she is a firm believer in marriage and she said that Ernesto is a religious man and has never cheated anyone and together they will be family oriented so that already send signals that Eva and Ernesto have plans for marriage in the future.

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