Friday, July 19, 2013

Emma Roberts Faces Domestic Violence Charges

Things can really go from bad to worse in a romantic relationship and that is exactly what happened with Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts. In the latest report that is provided by the Montreal police it is said that Emma Roberts had a fight with her boyfriend Evan Peters in the hotel room and she bloodied his nose during the event. The 22 year old actress, model and singer was taken into custody by the Montreal Police after it was reported that she hit her boyfriend Evan Peters. The police have charged Emma Roberts with domestic violence charge.

Although, it was not Evan Peters that reported this incident to the police but sources claim that someone in the hotel reported the fight  and when the cops turned up they found Evan Peters bleeding and he also had a bite mark. The representatives of EmmaRoberts deny the charges that are on her. Both Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have now said that it was just a misunderstanding and unfortunate event that they would like to forget and they are still together. The police have released Emma Roberts as Peters did not wanted to press any charges against her, and the couple said that they will work together to move past this situation in the future.

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