Friday, June 28, 2013

Will Smith Too Expensive for Independence Day 2

Roland Emmerich brought the alien spaceships on the Hollywood arena in the year 1996 through Independence Day which was a major blockbuster at that time. The biggest factor that worked for the movie was Will Smith trying to butt kick aliens out of the planet back into space. However, that won’t happen again in the sequel announced the director himself. In an interview, Roland Emmerich said that they are starting off with the sequel of Independence Day 2 which will hit the screens on July 3, 2015. However, Will Smith will not be a part of the casting team for sure the director asserted.

The director said that they decided to take the first script to Will Smith and he already liked the script but he has other projects at his hands and they don't have the budget for him. He said that Will Smith is just too expensive for Independence Day 2 so they will look out for other actors that can continue and take the momentum of the story forward. The sequel will have Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman along with new characters that the director has created to fight for the Earth’s future.

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