Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Paris Jackson Tormented by the Truth

Truth can be bitter and hurting and can push people to the limits. This is exactly what happened to Paris Jackson when she found out that Michael Jackson was not her biological father. In her statements Paris Jackson said that she was depressed and attempted to suicide after she learned that she does not have the same biological father as her brother Prince. She said that this was really hurting and depressing to know and that it tormented and disappointed her from within.

However, some of the sources close to Paris Jackson have decided to go on record and claim that she always knew that Michael Jackson was not her natural father. The source also said that she was completely aware that Prince was the full sibling and that she always had the doubt that she will come to know of the truth at some stage in life. Paris Jackson is only 15 years of age and many believe that such news can really break the confidence and inner self esteem at such times. Some of the insiders claim that she knows and believes that Debbie Rowe was their mother along with an unnamed man who is supposed to be her father. Paris Jackson is still recovering from her suicide attempt in a Los Angeles hospital after she slashed her wrists and consumed pills on June 5. Paris said that she always idolized Michael but was sad to hear that he was not his natural father. She has announced that after she is discharged from the hospital she will spend some time with her mother Debbie Rowe in California.

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