Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Justin Bieber Investigated for Reckless Driving

It looks like Justin Bieber has once again landed in the reckless driving situation after he accidentally crash into another car that was being driven by a paparazzo. The Canadian pop singer crashed into another vehicle soon after he left Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles. According to the sources, Justin Bieber was driving his white Ferrari sports car. There are videos being taken outside the Laugh Factory Club of the pop singer leaving the scene after he crashes into the photographer’s vehicle. There are many photographers that have taken pictures of him as he left the scene.

Los Angeles Police Department has investigated the issue and they have said that it was not a regular hit and run case and that the investigation is still going on. The police also confirmed that the injuries to the photographer are not life threatening so he is safe. So far representatives of Justin Bieber have declined to make any comments on this issue. This is the second incident where Justin Bieber is charged for reckless driving. He is already under investigation for a separate driving incident that happened in May 2013 when he was speeding in the Los Angeles area community. The teen singer is also involved in many other cases over the past one year that has kept him in news all the time.

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