Saturday, June 29, 2013

Alec Baldwin Apologizes for his Twitter Rant

Alec Baldwin is well known for his stellar performances in The Hunt for Red October and The Cooler has apologized for his twitter rant after his wife was accused of tweeting while the couple were attending James Gandolfini funeral in the New York City on Thursday. In a statement issued by Alec Baldwin to GLAAD the 55 year old actor said that he apologizes for his statements and said that they were not homophobic but they were directed towards the Daily Mail reporter George Stark.

He said that Stark had lied and had accused his wife Hilaria Baldwin of tweeting about her upcoming wedding anniversary while they were attending the funeral service of his friend James Gandolfini. Alec said that his comments of calling George Stark “toxic little queen” and “little bitch” was because he was angry at him. While Alec Baldwin has apologize for his rude behavior the media is talking about his confrontations and short temper that have also become headlines in the past. Last year, Alec Baldwin was in the news for punching a New York Daily News photographer. Alec Baldwin has also said that his tweets were not targeted towards the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group and that his tweets were not at all homophobic or should be considered that way.

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